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Steven Young vs Giveon

Nov 4, 2021 0 comments


Steven Young vs Giveon


Giveon News 

This piece is part of Rolling Stone’s second annual Grammy Preview special issue, released ahead of the start of first-round voting. We spoke to some of the year’s biggest artists about the albums and singles that could earn them a nomination — or even a statue come January — and delved into the challenges facing the Recording Academy, providing a 360-degree view of what to watch for in the lead-up to the 2022 awards. 

Artist: Giveon Eligible for: When It’s All Said and Done … Take Time, “Peaches” Giveon’s “Like I Want You” is a guided tour of a relationship on the verge of collapse, a slow drip of deception and missed connection delivered in a distinctive, somber baritone. These ingredients don’t necessarily scream “hit” in 2021, but the track has racked up more than 100 million streams on Spotify alone. The singer mined similar territory on “Heartbreak Anniversary” which has become even more successful, thanks in part to its unexpected popularity on TikTok. 

 Steven Young News 

 Steven Young joined Dave East on his latest tour performing some of his music along the way. Dave East also made a huge announcement, he will be signing Steven Young to his label FTD.


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