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Top Podcasts Playlist This Week "Million Dollars Worth Of Game" Joe Rogan, Hot Boxin and Off The Record

Apr 28, 2022 0 comments
Mike Tyson Hotboxin
Top Podcasts This Week "Million Dollars Worth Of Game" Joe Rogan, Hot Boxin and Off The Record



Funk Flex promised to address Taxstone’s recent comments on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast – and he delivered. On Tuesday (April 26), the veteran Hot 97 radio host spoke extensively about the incarcerated media personality’s suggestion Funk Flex once paid two men to beat up Charlamagne Tha God. He also denied Ebro was “upset” Charlamagne wound up helping Taxstone get on while going in on The Breakfast Club co-host.

“If you think Ebro cares about that, you’re kidding yourself,” he says. “What happened was New York. Ebro extended his hand to somebody he thought was good. That’s it. You put on your cape. Remember the cape? The Charlamagne cape? You put it on [..] because you told Charlamagne who beat him up. See New York … there’s two different kinds of punks. You can be a punk from New York, but you can be a punk from out of town. So when you take a punk from out of town and put him in New York, and then you got this guy from Brooklyn that wasn’t invited up that day … and the first thing he says to you, ‘You know the guys that beat you up, one got killed.’

“That right there, the punk now pisses his pants. There’s piss running down his leg. The reason he walked away is because he was pissing on himself. The fake extortionist, he see this. ‘Oh this guy’s pissing his pants? Let me tell him more. And Flex paid to get you bopped on the head. You need my protection. Me and you? We’re now friends.’ What do you say to a guy after he says, ‘Yeah my man, he killed him?’ […] this is crazy. So you know the person that killed the guy that beat you up. Now imagine Charlamagne’s face when he’s telling him this. ‘Oh, he gonna kill me. They gonna 


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