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Got Vibes? Volume 1 Hip Hop RNB (Playlist)

May 21, 2022 0 comments
Got Vibes? Hip Hop and RnB Volume 1 Playlist Kehlani Justin Bieber Lucky Daye Summer Walker Chris Brown Sza Normani and more

Chris Brown News

Tough love. Chris Brown congratulated Rhianna’s baby’s birth on Instagram. The Breezy singer posted on his Instagram story on May 19, 2022, right after TMZ reported that the Barbados singer gave birth to a baby boy.

Chris posted a story that had only text and emojis seemingly directed toward his ex-girlfriend. “Congratulations,” the story said with a pregnant woman emoji and heart and prayer hands emojis. The now-deleted story made fans speculate what the relationship between Rihanna and Chris is now.

An insider close to Chris revealed to HollywoodLife on May 20, 2022, that Chris simply wanted to wish Rihanna and her current partner A$AP Rocky well for their newborn baby. “Posting it on his story is his way of reaching out but still being respectful,” the insider shared. “He knows she will hear about it and he’s sure that she’ll be happy because he’s letting her and the world know that he’s sending nothing but good vibes and it’s true, Chris is genuinely happy for her. There was a time when it would have been hard for him to handle Rihanna having a baby with another man, but he’s grown now, all that baggage is behind him. Now, it’s nothing but love and respect.”

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