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RnB Gods 11 (Playlist)

Jun 30, 2022 0 comments
RnB Gods 11 (Playlist)


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Muni Long News

Muni Long announced her next body of work Public Displays of Affection Too on social media just before she appeared on stage at this year's BET Awards. The project will act as the follow-up to Public Displays of Affection, which was released in November and gave rise to the massive hit "Hrs and Hrs." The previously released tracks "Another," "Pain," and "Baby Boo," the last of which arrived just this month and has her and partner Saweetie wearing their hearts on their sleeves for a certain someone, are probably included in Public Displays of Affection Too:

“I know you might think it’s too fast, but if we try, I think we can make this last, don’t tell me no, don’t say it’s impossible, what we have is magical, don’t you know you got me goin’?”

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