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Get to Know Eastside K-Boy (Playlist)

Jul 3, 2022 0 comments
Eastside K-Boy

The Playlist Gods Spotify, Apple and Youtube Playlist Curators Get to Know Eastside K-Boy (Playlist)


Eastside K-Boy News

 South Central Los Angeles native Kenneth Walker, sometimes known as EastSide K-boy, is busy dropping new music and attending to his duties as a creative consultant for Shaka Wear. If you are unfamiliar with this West Coast artist, Glasses Malone realized his gift for lyrics early, and he quickly added him to the Blu Division team and helped him develop his unique rap style. He was shot numerous times in 2010 while traveling to a concert in his hometown of Los Angeles, California. After almost avoiding death, KBoy discovered a brand-new love of music while recovering in the hospital. When asked what inspires him to keep making music, he replied. "Being the father of 4, I have to look at life differently now and ensure I provide a better life for my kids. My goal is to place them in a better position in life to be successful and all-around good people." 

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