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The Game "Drillmatic" (Album Stream)

Aug 12, 2022 0 comments

The Game Drillmatic

Drillmatic, the new album by The Game, with 31 songs and a who's who of well-known musicians on it. A brand-new song dubbed "Black Slim Shady," a lengthy diss tune directed at Eminem, is also included. The rapper Eminem is mocked throughout the song by The Game, who mimics his flow and mentions some of his biggest hits while taking digs at him. The music can be heard below.

The song opens with a skit in which the Game is being driven by an Uber driver. It turns out that the driver is Matthew, the younger brother of the "Stan" narrator. In "Black Slim Shady," Matthew is depicted as not being a fan of Eminem's more recent material. Of course, The Game becomes combative with Matthew as they travel to Eminem's house together.

Given his dress choices and history of associating himself with Black musicians, the song pokes fun at Eminem's past drug use and raises concerns about his history of cultural appropriation. He makes particular allusions to 50 Cent, with whom the Game has had a 17-year on-and-off battle. Eminem's manager Paul Rosenberg, daughter Hailie, ex-wife Kim, Dr. Dre, and his parents are also mentioned. The Game asserts at one point that Big Sean is Detroit's top rapper.


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