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Heavy Barz (Hip-Hop Playlist)

Apr 11, 2023 0 comments
Heavy Barz Playlist

Heavy Barz (Hip-Hop Playlist) with Passport Rav, 38 Spesh, Dave East, Benny The Butcher and more


Benny The Butcher News

Benny The Butcher on Cocaine Bear Movie Following his announcement that he had finally seen Cocaine Bear, Benny The Butcher expressed his opinion that his music would have greatly improved the picture. The director of the Elizabeth Banks film, which depicts the tale of a bear who consumes a significant quantity of cocaine and embarks on a deadly rampage, posted to Twitter on Wednesday (March 22) to inform his followers that he had seen a showing. Given all the references to the drug in the movie, Benny, a native of Buffalo, didn't waste any time in telling his fans that the soundtrack should have included his cocaine-fueled songs. “Finally watched Cocaine Bear,” Benny wrote on his Twitter. “A Benny song would’ve made that movie so much better.” The Playlist Gods Spotify, Apple and Youtube Playlist Curators


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