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Lo-Fi Gods Volume 1 (Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Playlist)

Apr 12, 2023 0 comments
Lo-Fi Gods Volume 1

Lo-Fi Gods Volume 1 (Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Playlist)

Lo-Fi Girl News

Lofi Girl, who resembles a character from a Studio Ghibli film, has been sitting by her window since 2018 and listening to the YouTube livestream in which she currently resides. She has become a go-to for studying, a partner to work on assignments or your unfinished sitcom writing with, and she has inspired a plethora of spinoffs, such as a Star Wars-themed one and one with a medieval Italian friar for those who prefer lofi Catholic beats.

And through wet nights and grapefruit-colored mornings, Lofi Girl has been taking meticulous notes for an exam that never comes, with a few breaks due to unintentional bans and copyright lawsuits (making her longest continual livestream barely nine months old). That changed on April 10 at 1:00 PM ET when she abruptly and unexpectedly disappeared.

One well-known tweet warns, "LOFI GIRL DISAPPEARED..."

Another asks, "lofi hip hop study and chill to beats girl lore happening rn???" while capturing screenshots of Lofi female's hurried exit. On April 7, the Lofi Girl YouTube channel shared a video of the girl sitting by her window as usual, but instead of looking at her notes, she was gazing out at a neighbor's brilliant blue room.

That video's headline asks, "What is happening with this blue window?"

A red question mark was given to Lofi Girl's livestream, and it gradually zoomed in on the blue room behind the glass to reveal yet another relaxed, abandoned study setup. On April 7, a second livestream occurred that purported to expose even more of the space. It featured a bubble aquarium that was foaming beneath the stream's constant ambient fuzz, a calendar with the current date marked, and a digital clock that was counting down to 1 PM ET (or 3 AM AEST). The second stream's title is a plain white question symbol.

So what's going on? Based solely on the structures visible outside her window, Internet sleuths concluded that Lofi Girl resides in Lyon, France. Is she traveling to her off-the-books international buccal fat reduction appointment? Is she getting ready for the frank Netflix documentary in which she calls for a ban on the search term "anime girls" for white American men? Will Lofi Girl's execution be captured on camera?

No, I believe that is purely a marketing issue.

The blue window revealed the domain name for a brand-new website,, according to a tweet from the Lofi Girl company. All that is visible on the website right now is a "launch" button that directs you to the second webcast with the countdown. Although people continuously commenting "LOFI GIRL DIED" and "RIP LOFI GIRL" in the chat of Lofi Girl's main broadcast, it appears to be a brand expansion. She won't be considered dead in my eyes unless this somehow involves the metaverse.

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