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"Bosco" Movie Soundtrack Drops Snoop Dogg, WHOISTEVENYOUNG, Dave East Collab

Mar 14, 2024 0 comments
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Blocc Boyz Entertainment is the source of the excellent soundtrack for Peacock's original feature "Bosco." The soundtrack plays a significant role in setting the tone and tempo of each scene in the film. The lead track, "Love You More," which highlights the main subject of the movie, was released. It is a gripping and conclusive story. Snoop Dogg, a 16-time Grammy nominee, Dave East, and WHOISTEVENYOUNG provide the song's vocals. The popular new song interpolates "21 Questions," a landmark smash for 50 Cent. The music video that goes with it was directed by Jaron Marquis. It features clips from the film and shows Dave and Snoop in their different settings—Dave on a block in the Bronx, New York, and Snoop driving a blue drop-top convertible out West.


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